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People call me KrzaQ. I am a good enough programmer with delusions of grandeur, currently residing in Poland. I used to work as a C++ programmer in a small business, dealing with (physical) warehouse management and logistics and I love it. Then I worked for several months at Huuuge Games and now I am working at Backtrace I/O.

I am fairly good with C++ and C, I know Ruby and D at a usable level; I am also constantly trying to expand my rather basic skills in x86 assembly and apply them to reverse engineering, but among my current responsibilities it remains a low-priority one.

Lordship and the Sealand connection

Due to my indispensable help, I’ve been awarded title of Lord in the Principality of Sealand.

Personal stats

Crackmes solved 5


IRC KrzaQ @ freenode
KrzaQ @ QuakeNet
KrzaQ @ synIRC
Gadu-Gadu 2731437
E-Mail contact @ top level domain
Twitter https://twitter.com/KrzaQ2

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