Item Level Viewer version 1.0r26

A month and half has passed since introduction of patch 1.13d and I’ve yet to see a standalone item level viewer, so I decided to help all the 1.13d players out there and make such tool.

It should be trivial to use (run, pick an item on the cursor, check the number in the program’s window).

Currently supported D2 versions: 1.13c and 1.13d.

Just executable (requires Qt libraries for MinGW): [link]
Qt libraries for MinGW: [link]
Full pack: [link]

If you’re a Vista/7 user you might find the following information useful:
– if you run D2 in compatibility mode with Windows XP, you need to run my program in the same mode or as an administrator.
– if you run D2 as an administrator (compatibility mode doesn’t matter then), you need to run my program as an administrator too.

2 thoughts on “Item Level Viewer version 1.0r26

  1. Thanks For this awesome apps! It very helpful and useful when i buys Rare Unid Rings, now no any nigger want lie to and sold me fake rings! Fuck Yea! \o/

    Lovs KrzaQ
    Yours Jelly! <3

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