Item Level Viewer version 2.0.0

After several people have separately informed me that there was an important use-case (checking other trader’s items in the trade window) not covered by my ilvl viewer, I decided to check it out. It was fairly difficult to find a way to do this, but I managed.

– User isn’t required to pick the item on the cursor anymore, hovering the cursor over the item is just fine (useful for in-game trading)

Hover mouse over an item or pick an item.

Currently supported D2 versions: 1.13c and 1.13d.

If you’re a Vista/7 user you might find the following information useful:
– if you run D2 in compatibility mode with Windows XP, you need to run my program in the same mode or as an administrator.
– if you run D2 as an administrator (compatibility mode doesn’t matter then), you need to run my program as an administrator too.

Just executable (requires Qt libraries for MinGW): [link]
Qt libraries for MinGW: [link]
Full pack: [link]

17 thoughts on “Item Level Viewer version 2.0.0

  1. Thanks for this sweet program:)
    Im not good enough at programming myself to do this myself:D Only some hobby flash/php etc :D

  2. krzaq, this doesn’t work. just tried. even tried writing off a few things and seeing if a little tuneup would work. im not sure if im doing something wrong. or if it just simply wont work. lmk. I do need an I lvl viewer for diablo 2. its justting harder to find files and such that d2 uses

    1. Hello, Jason. This is the first time I get feedback that this doesn’t work. Please let me know what system you’re using.

  3. do you ever plan to make this for 1.14d? i would very much love to use this. been looking for a long time… anyway, thanks for your time.

    1. Sorry, but I don’t think so :( I can share the source if someone is willing, but honestly, that source is a mess made by a junior developer trying to overengineer stuff :)

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